Bolt Cleaner

The powerful motor, drive and variable speed assist cleans bolts and pipes an average of 90 percent faster, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs. 

A shielded housing and automatic shut-off ensures the operators hands never come in contact with the machine's wire brushes, reducing potential accidents and possible down time. 

Designed for today's environmental consideration, the bolt and pipe cleaner effectively "traps" the airborne pollutants normally found during the cleaning process and collects them in one small, easily discarded vacuum chamber. Best of all, it uses no messy chemicals.  

Duane Shipman developed the concept of the Shipman Industrial Bolt & Pipe Cleaner. Over the last forty years, Mr. Shipman made his living working on or with heavy equipment. Through out this time, Mr. Shipman spent a tremendous amount of time cleaning bolts of all sizes on jobs, which required periodic maintenance, and cleaning of large metal structures and equipment.

Historically, the job of bolt cleaning required a person taking the old bolt out of its structure and cleaning it by hand with a wire brush. This process took many hours, was very labor intensive and creates some safety issues.

Shipman Industries developed a device that is a portable, purpose built machine that uses a patented brush system to clean bolts ranging in size from ¾ inch to 3 inches in diameter. Shipman Industries has just recently introduced a new device to its product line that will clean bolts and pipe ranging in diameter from 3 inches to 7 inches.

The markets that are potential purchasers of the Shipman Industrial Bolt & Pipe Cleaner are endless. They range from power plants to refineries, mining companies to governmental agencies, shipyards to railroad yards and on and on. This product can be used in any industry, which on a regular basis disassembles and repairs equipment such as turbines, pumps, engines, and other related equipment that requires maintenance. This cleaner can be used anywhere you would find hand tools, bench grinders, drill presses and other related tools. This device can also clean pipe, tubing and pins of all sizes.

By using the Shipman Industrial Bolt & Pipe Cleaner, labor hours can be reduced by as much as 90%, reducing the down time of the plant or industry. This results in a tremendous savings for the plant. Additionally, the Shipman Industrial Bolt & Pipe Cleaner is much safer than the traditional methods of cleaning with a wire brush or a bench grinder, completing reducing the chance for eye injuries. Each year over One Billion dollars are spent on eye injuries in the workplace.